It can be tempting to pick a countertop on its looks alone. I know when I first started the journey of finding a new kitchen countertop I was enamored by certain ones and drawn in by low prices. However, I learned quickly enough that you have to be careful as to which countertop you go with. In fact, my sister had a horrible incident where she ordered a countertop and it came cracked! This made me extra nervous and I decided to really do my homework before making a final decision. We ended up going with granite countertops from All of this homework led me to writing this blog post for you! Here are my tips for picking the perfect countertop for your new kitchen.

1. Find one that fits your kitchen style.

This is hard to do unless you have a mockup of what your new kitchen will look like with the counters. Fortunately for us, we were able to get a 3D mockup from our contractors – score! When you are searching for your own kitchen contractor, make sure they have the ability to show you what your kitchen countertop will look like in your kitchen (even if it’s a rough mockup). This will help you understand which style goes best with the style kitchen you have. A friend of mine ordered their kitchen countertops without properly matching them up to their kitchen style and was severely disappointed with how it looked. In fact, she decided to scrap the whole project when the contractor was only 75% done!

2. Check out granite countertops.

Granite is, by far, my favorite countertop choice. It’s versatile, beautiful, and comes in different styles. However, it can be expensive. Prices for granite range quite a bit because it can be mined from all over the world. If you order granite that’s simple to get and ship, it’ll be cheap. If you order granite that comes from halfway across the world, it’ll be much more expensive.

Granite comes in two finishes: polished, which is shiny and a matte finish, which is the opposite. As for colors, you can get granite in a wide variety.

My favorite part about granite is that it’s just so durable. We accidentally dropped a hammer on it when putting up a mirror in our kitchen and I immediately started to cry thinking I chipped my new countertops. But I was wrong! The granite we bought is so strong it deflected a hammer falling from ten feet above.

3. Wood is only for traditional homes.

I’ve looked at hundreds (maybe thousands) of kitchen related magazines, websites, and Pinterest boards. The one thing I’ve realized is that wood countertops only look good in traditional style kitchens. This is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Check out these resources for yourself and make a better informed decision…

See? For some reason modern kitchens that use wood countertops come off like they are trying too hard.

4. Pick the right contractor.

If I had a dime for every time someone mentioned that they could install my kitchen countertops, I’d be rich. I come from a big family of “handy men”, maybe that’s why. Nonetheless, I didn’t take any of them up on their offers. Why? When we first had our kitchen floors put in I had an old family friend do it. They are a “jack of all trades” and said they’d install them for cheap. Cheaper doesn’t equal better. I learned the hard way. The cabinets ended up being put in too far apart and left big gaps in the walls making them look incredibly off-putting. Once we realized it, it was too late. Hiring a professional to fix this mistake cost us nearly three times more. Avoid making mistakes by finding a trustworthy contractor that has a lot of experience installing kitchen countertops.

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