Every girl dreams about her wedding day, especially what each little unique element of the day will be. Really, if you think about it, it’s a totally custom experience, which are very rare in this life. From the beginning of one day to the end, you get to control every aspect of what people will see, do, and experience.

I took this custom idea to an entirely new level, particularly when thinking about what I was going to wear on the big day. Like many brides, I went to The Knot to explore different options for the big day. So many had come before me, and so many creative minds had pushed themselves to make incredible things to wear and buy for the big day.

I ended up going with Modern Vice wedding shoes which I was able to customize. This included going through and choosing heel height, color, general style, and adornments. I ended up choosing a nice white chain around the back because I’m that fabulous.

The great part about Modern Vice was that I got to actually visit the shoe factory and work with the designer on location in NYC. It was one of my favorite experiences of my wedding, one that I wish I could replicate for every aspect of the ensemble! I even snuck into the studio to take some glamour shots before heading home.

Planning my wedding was such a wonderful (and stressful) experience, but really my favorite part was seeking out the small touches that made the whole event unique to me.

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