Chapped lips are not a big deal for some – they go through life with lips that look great whether they are wearing lip gloss or not. But for most people, chapped and dry lips are a problem. If not taken care of in time they can get worse, developing little cracks that bleed. You don’t have to let it get to that. I stumbled upon a great post on how to get rid of chapped lips. There are things that you can do every day to ensure that you lips are always soft, supple and looking gorgeous such as…

1. Apply petroleum jelly; yes, there are lots of expensive chap sticks out there that promise to do the magic trick but petroleum jelly that costs next to nothing, such as Vaseline, will do wonders. Petroleum jelly is so effective because it locks in moisture – the reason your lips are so dry in the first place is because they lose moisture faster than other areas of your skin. After applying and gently rubbing in petroleum jelly you can then follow it with a simple lip balm that contains moisturizer. Do this early in the morning before it gets hot and your lips start to dry out. For those who chap chronically applying a thin layer before bed helps.

2. The sun and the wind are not your friends when it comes to nice, soft lips. Think about it – when are your lips most chapped? Usually in the summer and winter months. In the summer, the heat is what dries them out and in the winter it is the wind. In summer, wear a lip balm that contains lots of moisturizer and that has SPF protection. In the winter, you may look dorky but cover your lips with a scarf before you step outside.

3. Start healing your lips from the inside by increasing your water intake. Yes, water, not other drinks. Many people don’t like the taste of water and they prefer to quench their thirst with other sugary drinks. This doesn’t work; if you want to have a healthier skin, including your lips, the answer is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Start with a glass first thing when you wake up.

4. Don’t lick your lips; this is something that we all do often when we feel our lips drying out. Because the saliva dries so fast after you lick your lips it leaves them dryer than before. Instead of licking them keep a chap stick handy that you can apply when you feel them start to dry out.

Use these tips to keep your lips moisturized at all times.

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