The Ferguson family is headed to Kansas!

It’s been a crazy week as we plan a spur of the moment trip to Kansas next Friday to visit my sister and her family. She just had a baby boy and got out of the hospital on Wednesday of last week. I figure that the family can all get together and help her out during her recovery.

I can remember the daze I was in the following weeks after giving birth. It feels almost surreal for the first few days, like you’re living in a dream.

Your emotions run wild as your body processes that you just lost 8 lbs of something living inside of you. It definitely takes some time to fully recover. Therefore, I am more than happy to drive the two hundred mile journey to see her!

This also gives my family a chance to take some time and be together.

Tyler and Randy have been off doing there own thing for the past few weeks – soccer, work, homework, etc. I’ve been trying to get my garden all prepped for winter (don’t want the vegetables to perish).

In the back of my mind, when my sisters husband invited us to come down, I was happy that it would give us all a chance to be together and “reset” our lives for a second.

Randy will still be working from the hotel room but he promised to take some time off and have with me.

Now that I think about it, what fun stuff is there to do in Kansas? Aw, shucks. Haha…

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